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EvenBet Gaming poker software supports a wide range of tournaments. They can be flexibly set up for your audience’s preferences. Here are some features of our platform. You can combine them in various ways to organise tournaments of different types and formats.



The tournament starts after the required number of players is registered for them. They automatically start over right away after the ending. So your players can play them non-stop.

You can use the auto-balancing feature for the automated creation of a new tournament with the same settings when the old one has few vacant places. So your players will always have an opportunity to play in such tournaments.

There is another feature — Double or Nothing. The tournament will be stopped when half of the players are eliminated. The remaining half of the tournament players will share the prize pool in equal parts, so every player is paid a double buy-in amount.

The feature Fifty50 makes the tournament stop when half of the players are eliminated. The remaining half of the tournament participants get paid according to the size of the chip stack left.

Bounty & Knockout

In this type of tournament, players are rewarded for eliminating other players. You can specify the kind of bounty:

  • Knockout Bounty — the prize is given for eliminating any player from the tournament;
  • Special Bounty — for eliminating specific players;
  • PRO Bounty — for eliminating PRO players.

Also, you can set up an option of a progressive knockout. When a player eliminates an opponent, the bounty for their elimination rises.

Phased Tournaments

A Phased (multi-day) Tournament is a tournament which has multiple flights, each flight automatically completes after a certain blind level, and the players at the end of each flight are pooled in together with the same closing stack to start the next phase at a specific day.

Satellite Tournament

It is a minor tournament that can be perceived as a qualifier. Winners of the satellite tournaments usually receive a ticket whose value allows them to enter a larger tournament with higher buy-ins.

Satellites often have multiple stages. The main idea that usually stands behind the satellites is to give a chance to participate in larger tournaments to the players who would usually be unable to afford it. Such tournaments with several stages keep players engaged and ensure that they will return to the room.


Spins are fast 3-max Sit&Go tournaments, where the prize pool is determined by a random multiplier, and the players do not know the amount of the prize before the tournament starts. You, as a room owner, can determine the chances of hitting different multipliers in the Configuration.

IP and GPS Restriction

You can forbid the registration of several players with the same IP address or a specific distance between them. This feature prevents colluding and multi-accounting.

Late Registration

It allows players to register for the tournament after it has already begun. The period is set by the administrator.

Rebuys and Add-ons

Rebuy is a feature that allows players to buy additional chips when they reach a certain threshold of the remaining amount of chips. That threshold is usually very low, and the option to rebuy might even appear only when the player lost all of their stack in the tournament. Rebuys are usually available for a certain tournament period called the rebuy period.

There are more features you can use to vary and customise your tournaments. Contact our managers to get details. 

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