If you have any questions about the EvenBet Gaming products, check for an answer in this FAQ. If the answer is not here, please contact us. We are always glad to discuss your project.

Are there any built-in marketing tools?

Our platform has a wide range of built-in marketing tools for you to acquire and retain your users. They are affiliate module, promotion module, CRM allowing segmentation and targeting specific player groups with games and promos, email, and notification tools.

What languages are supported?

The software is originally in English and fully localised to Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), French, and Russian languages. The back-office supports German, Croatian, Italian, Turkish, Chinese, Korean, Hebrew, Vietnamese and Thai languages. Client applications also support these languages plus Persian (Farsi), Georgian, Czech, Mongolian, Hindi, Malay, Thai, and Vietnamese.

Do you offer casino games and sportsbooks?

We provide 35+ poker and popular card games developed by our in-house team. Also, we offer a Gaming Platform and you can choose any games you want from the list of 7000+ games from the world's leading providers such as casino games, sports betting, virtual sport, slots, etc.

Does your platform support crypto technologies?

Our platform supports various technologies based on blockchain. In your project, you can use crypto payments, NFT, web3, etc. Contact us to learn details.

Can I have the demo?

You can try our software as if you were a user. You can try the web version on our website, and EvenBet mobile demo apps are available in AppStore and Google Play. Also, you can book the demo on back-office features, just contact our managers.

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Are there any restrictions for different countries?

We don't restrict a supply to any country. However, an operator is responsible for compliance with local gambling-related laws.

Do you provide installation and deployment?

Yes, we may both provide consultations and documentation and help our customers to deploy their gaming software. For renting and network, we handle all the necessary procedures for a project’s technical launch. At your request, we can make our servers available for use or you can use yours. We can take over the entire technical part, if needed, so you have nothing to be concerned about.

What about payment systems integration?

We do provide it. By now, we have performed over 30 popular payment systems integration that proved to work just fine. On top of that, we may also integrate cryptocurrency and fiat payment systems of your choice or even your own.

Can I integrate your software with my own website?

Absolutely. Integration options are available for any website, and our software supports API integration with the websites. We have a well-structured Web API based on JSON specification. Payment integration is managed easily through seamless wallet API or transfer wallet. We will provide all necessary help to perform the users database integration.

How long will the integration process take if I don’t need custom options and will perform the installation on my side?

If you don’t need any custom options and customisation in general, all we need to do is to come to an approved certain UI design. This undetermined process may have several iterations and take up to 1 month. As long as you approve the UI we’ll be ready to deliver a product. Otherwise, you may integrate our software with a standard design scheme (with a changed logo) in 2-3 days after the purchase, and then replace the UI with a new one.

Do you offer onboarding sessions for the operations team?

Yes, we can organise an educating session and our specialist will teach your team how to use the back-office and answer all your questions.

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What servers are needed?

Our platform supports all popular kinds of servers including cloud servers. Contact our managers for further details.

How many players can play at the same time?

Actually, there is no limit on the number of players. It all depends on the server hardware.

Do I have to worry about my security?

All sensitive information is located on the servers and is not exposed to any third party. All you have to do is to choose a reliable server location (if you are joining a network, we have already done that). All potential threats are eliminated at the server level; client connections are encrypted. In addition, we may add two-factor authorization to secure users’ login. No cards and combinations manipulations are possible since our software is based on random hardware data and certified Random Number Generator utilizing system provided secure crypto functions. Also, our platform supports end-to-end encryption of traffic and database.

Do you provide protection from DDOS attacks?

If you are worried about DDOS possibility, you may optionally use proxy services to hide your real server’s information.

What types of Random Number Generator does your software use?

For our gaming software, we use ISAAC, a fast cryptographic random number generator. Truly random data is used as an initialization vector. Random data initialization is done periodically, which excludes any result prediction. In addition, our server software supports external hardware RNG.

How can I be protected from fraud?

For EvenBet Poker, we have created a rather sophisticated anti-fraud system that monitors the common fraud situations – negotiated games, multi-account use, chip dumping, etc. In particular, our platform supports IP detection, nearby player, and colluding detection, and protects from bots. In addition, the administrator of all our gaming software has all the possibilities to block certain users and to set different limits.

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Is your software customisable?

It is, completely. You can contact our managers to discuss a new game, feature, or UI modification.

I want to have a new game type or a specific option you do not offer. What should I do?

We are constantly working on our software introducing new features and game types, so most probably all you need to do is to change the server settings. On our platform, we have Game Constructor tool that allows to modify existing games, changing the number of cards and players, cards visibility, combinations values, etc. But if you still not find what you need we may develop and implement nearly any feature you can imagine at additional cost. Development is possible at any stage, both for a new and for an existing project. Exclusive custom development is available.

Can I have my own graphics?

If you need, you may fully customise the graphics. Basic customisation options (custom colours, logo) are provided with the white label license at no additional cost.

Is there any limit to customisation?

No, there’s none. You may ask for as many modifications as you need.

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Do you offer support options?

We offer lifetime support and updating to new versions of software for our customers. In addition, you can purchase some of the extended options such as a dedicated support manager or 24/7 support.

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