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EvenBet Gaming is an IT company developing software for iGaming. We work worldwide. Our products are known in dozens of countries, and millions of users play on our servers. We have a big international team, and you can join it! If you are interested in gaming company jobs, just check our vacancies.

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How We Live and Work

Exciting Gaming Developer Jobs

We create a product that follows all the international standards of quality and safety. We constantly improve ourselves. We study and apply the newest technologies and tools. So we constantly train our employees. The company offers both high-level and junior game development jobs. We have a mentoring system. It could be a great start for your career in the gaming company! The company is growing and it gives great career opportunities for everyone.

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Be in Touch with the World

About 30 million users in 38 countries use our gaming products. We communicate with our clients worldwide online and offline. We participate in exhibitions, conferences, and other events in all regions of the planet. Working at EvenBet Gaming means always meeting people from different corners of the Earth. Doing our job we learn about the world!

Team is the Main Value

We create a favourable environment for work taking into account the preferences of the employee. We offer online gaming jobs from home and on-site. Each of our teammates is surrounded by attention and care. In particular, we offer compensation for medical expenses.

Volunteering is Rewarding

We apply gamification methods for better engagement of our employees. You can choose a role in our community that isn't directly related to your job duties but is useful for the team's work and comfort. For example, you may be a librarian and manage our office library. For this, you will be rewarded with a bunch of bonuses that you can exchange for different stuff from our inner “shop”: corporate merch, iPhone, gym membership, etc. It's voluntary and you don't have to do it.

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Friendship and Family

We've created a really friendly environment. Our team is open to persons of any culture, age, and gender. In our company, you can find like-minded people and even friends. We also respect family values. We organise family holiday celebrations, and our employees' children, of course, never stay without presents.

We Work Hard and Party Hard

Gaming products bring fun and our jobs in iGaming too. We celebrate holidays taking into account our teammates' cultural peculiarities. We celebrate The Birthday of the Company, and it is always a great event with an exciting road trip. Also, we celebrate Team Day, the holiday we created for ourselves and by ourselves. Moreover, we have innumerable parties on Friday nights.

We Care!

We reach success for ourselves and aim to bring good to the world. The company is engaged in charity. We participate in projects helping elderly people and projects working for improvement of the educational infrastructure in remote areas. We are also eco-friendly. We are involved in greening projects and constantly reducing paper use preferring electronic documentation. We also stand for equality!

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What You Get Joining Our Team

Opportunity to work from any place in the world Compensation for medical expenses Depreciation of equipment Mentoring system and high-skilled team leaders Training at the company's expense Corporate parties and joint activities Flexible schedule and the opportunity to work in your time zone


Is the employment legal?

Yes, our employment relationship will be legal. We follow the labour legislation and we will set up a formal agreement.

Labour legislation of what country do you follow?

In our employment relationship with you, we follow the labour legislation according to your citizenship. It includes social guarantees, vacations, and day-offs due to the state holidays of your country.

How is the onboarding organised?

The onboarding process depends on the position you take. The process is divided into several steps. You get a mentor who helps you to get used to our team and understand our workflows.

What is the hiring process?

It depends on the vacancy. Usually, it consists of three steps. The first is a short pre-screen interview. Then you are to perform a test task with a time limit. We usually inform the candidate about the type of a task in advance. Sometimes, the test task is not needed. Then we have a final interview. It takes about 3 hours in total.

Should I play poker or other card games you offer?

We are an IT company, so we develop software and provide services. You don't need gaming skills. Some positions require knowledge of the rules, but you will be trained. Some positions require playing our games, but only for testing and not for winning.

How is the workflow organised?

We use agile methods such as Scrum and OKR. We have a transparent grading system, and you'll always know your career track in the company. Also, we watch management trends and apply the most useful newest features to improve our team's effectiveness and convenience of working.

Open positions

The Head of Digital Marketing & Analytics

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Develop and execute the digital marketing strategy for the company, across all channels including website, social media, email, paid advertising, and SEO
  • Plan and manage budgets for all digital marketing activities, ensuring efficient use of resources and ROI
  • Oversee the creation and curation of engaging content for our digital channels, working with internal teams and external agencies
  • Analyse data and insights to inform decision making and optimise campaigns in real-time
  • Launching end-to-end analytics, working with data of digital footprint of our clients, recognising of most profitable channels and improving the digital strategy accordingly
  • Deep analysis of CRM data (all the pipelines and conversion rates) 
  • Improving data reflection in CRM according to the main tasks of the marketing strategy 
  • Stay up-to-date on latest digital marketing trends and technologies, and identify opportunities for innovation within the team
  • Manage and develop a team of digital marketing specialists, setting objectives and providing feedback/direction
  • Liaise with other departments within the company (e.g. sales, product, customer success) to ensure alignment of digital marketing activities
  • Develop and maintain relationships with key industry partners and influencers
  • Represent the company at relevant conferences and events
  • Monitor competitor activity and benchmark against them
  • Achieve agreed upon KPIs and targets set by upper management
  • Prepare regular reports for upper management on performance and progress against objectives

Required Skills and Qualifications

  • 3-5+ years in a leadership role in marketing, with at least 3 years in digital marketing
  • Proven track record of developing and executing successful digital marketing campaigns/launching end-to-end analytics/improving pipelines and increasing conversion rates
  • Experience managing a team of marketing professionals
  • In-depth knowledge of all aspects of digital marketing, including SEO, social media, email marketing, and lead generation
  • Strong analytical skills and experience using data to drive marketing decisions
  • Good communication, writing, and presentation skills
In case you lack expertise in one of these fields, let’s talk and find out how we can elaborate. We are flexible, we are focused on the result not just the process and we are ready to coach you all the way to your adaptation.

Preferred Skills and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, or related field
  • C1 English (minimum fluent B2)
  • Experience in a B2B environment
  • Experience in the software or technology industry
  • Working knowledge of CRM platforms

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    Head of Casino

    EvenBet Gaming is an international IT company with 22+ years of experience. We are developing a unique online platform for multiplayer card games and social casinos. The product receives high recognition in the international markets. Our team consists of 150+ IT specialists located in different countries on different continents. Now we are looking for a Head of Casino.

    What you will need to do:

    • Management and development of the Casino Games business direction.


    • Organisation of work with game suppliers:
    • Search, market research, and conclusion of contracts, negotiation of favourable conditions;
    • Joint marketing activities, promotion of games;
    • Conducting mutual settlements with suppliers;
    • Continuous optimization of working conditions with suppliers to maximise margins.
    • Organisation of work with operators:
    • Formation of pricing policy;
    • Participation in sales to existing and new customers;
    • Constant work with existing customers to increase the turnover and marginality of games;
    • Organization of marketing campaigns with operators;
    • Customer development, connection of new games;
    • Product strategy:
    • Formation of Casino Games and Casino Aggregator;
    • Product market positioning, formation of features, and requirements for the technical team;
    • Product development strategy in various niches and regions of the world.

    Performance indicators:

    • Revenue growth of business direction and products;
    • Margin growth of business direction and products.

    What we will value in you:

    • Experience working with casino games, understanding of the market;
    • Knowledge of game suppliers;
    • Knowledge of English at level B2 and above;
    • Managerial skills;
    • Entrepreneurial position;
    • Communication skills.

    What we offer:

    • Flexible start of the working day;
    • The ability to work from anywhere in the world;
    • One hundred percent payment of vacations and sick leave;
    • Compensation for paid medical services;
    • Training at the expense of the company;
    • Bonus system within the company.

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