Cashout Insurance: All-in With Lower Risk

Insurance is a feature that helps players to lower the risk when they go all-in. At the same time it is an additional source of income for the operator.

In the all-in situation the player can purchase the insurance. It is usually used when the player isn’t sure of the winning. The insurance guarantees getting a part of the pot.

There are two types of insurances in the EvenBet platform:
– Outs and Odds,
– Cashout.

Let’s talk about Cashout Insurance. If a player buys this type of insurance in the all-in situation, they get a certain payment regardless of the hand result. They lose rights to the pot, so even if they win, they will only receive the insurance claim that equals just a part of the pot.

The amount of the insurance claim depends on the player’s chances and the pot. The fewer the winning chances, the less the insurance claim.

If the insured player loses, the poker room pays the insurance claim. If the insured player wins, the poker room takes the part of the pot that remains after the insurance claim is paid.

As it is set in the formulas, the insurance fee and claim are calculated according to the player’s chance of winning and losing. So, even when the room pays the claim, the operator gets the profit in the long term.

Moreover, the feature varies the gameplay. Tables with this feature enabled are marked, so users that don’t like it can play without the insurance. As a result, the feature improves the room’s retention and LTV rates.

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