Jackpot in Poker: Increase the Excitement

With the right approach, the jackpot can be a powerful tool for player acquisition and retention.

The main jackpot types are Monte Carlo and Bad Beat.

Monte Carlo Jackpot is awarded to a player who has the strongest hand, in case the winning combination matches the conditions.

Bad Beat Jackpot is awarded when a player with what appeared to be strong cards nevertheless loses the game. For example, if a Straight Flush beat Jack Quads. The unlucky player defeated by a bad beat will receive a jackpot if certain requirements are met.

EvenBet’s platform allows you to set up another jackpot type. Smart Jackpot works similarly to Bad Beat Jackpot, but can only be played during certain hours.

It should be noted, that player should show their cards. If they muck or win without showing cards, they shouldn’t be awarded.

In the EvenBet software, you can flexibly set up jackpots for your audience to get better retention and acquisition. Here are some of the properties you can adjust:

  • The minimum amount of jackpot prize pool, starting from which users can win the jackpot.
  • The minimum number of players who must participate in the game for the jackpot to be won.
  • Different jackpot rules that depend on the size of the blinds.
  • The part of rake at every hand that goes to form the jackpot prize pool.
  • Minimal combinations that allows winning the jackpot.
  • etc.

Jackpots can be set up both for cash tables and tables in poker clubs.

Winning the jackpot is a matter of luck and it is always a surprise. It brings a lot of emotions to players, they have much fun, and you get an increasing of LTV.

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