My Games Section: History, Results, Replay, Statistics

My Games is a section in the EvenBet poker application. Players can see the history of their gaming sessions, brief information about hand history and get a game replay. This helps players to analyse their playstyle, notice errors and improve skills.

My Game contains several important subsections.


The most crucial indicators are shown here. A player can see their own value and a hint with the optimal one. Also, there is a filter that shows the statistics by particular game types, by only tournaments or cash tables. So the Statistics section helps players define what they should work on to improve their results.

Game History

In this section, the player can see their results by game sessions and by games in each session separately. The session is a period between sitting down and getting up from the table.

Players can see how much they won and lost and other details. Also, they can watch the replay of each game.

Results in Tournaments

The player can see all the tournaments they took part in. The section displays winning and losing in tournaments. Clicking on a tournament the player can see details and watch replays of every game.

My Games section is extremely important for online poker operators to attract players looking for regular gaming and improving their skill level.

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