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Online gambling software platforms are the bedrock of any good casino website. The best casino platform software should let you integrate massive gaming libraries with ease. Great software should also make it simple to customise every feature of your site, making it easy to launch and operate a successful gambling business.

A reliable platform for an online casino should deliver a user-friendly content management system, let you connect a wide range of payment options, and make it easy to manage all your casino affiliates. However, this is really the bare minimum you’ll need for an online casino that stands apart from the competition. 

The best gambling software online should allow you to take things to the next level. It should enhance the value proposition, letting you grant tailored bonus offerings to individual users, organise online tournaments and more. In other words, it lets you make a platform that’s truly unique. Customisable software platforms allow you to do exactly this. 

What is Casino Platform Software?

A platform for an online casino usually takes the form of modular software. This allows operators to unlock a huge range of services that can be easily customised. This not only enriches user experience but makes it easy for you to target more lucrative revenue streams. The best online casino software platforms generally fall into one of two categories. 

Turnkey solutions are incredibly popular. These tend to be rich in advanced features, making it easy for first-time operators to deliver competitive online casino platforms. These ready-to-go platforms mean operators have to invest less time and money into resources. What’s more, there’s no extensive testing required before a casino website can go live. 

Despite being convenient, turnkey software still delivers casino platforms that are distinct from the competition. They can be as complex as you wish, with hassle-free game integration from top developers. You can also offer multi-language access and accept payments in a range of global currencies. 

Other businesses choose White Label solutions. These are typically cost-effective, with third-party developers creating a functional and competitive platform. They’re a solid choice for anyone looking to shorten lead times, while there’s a good degree of flexibility. 

Online Casino Software Platforms: What To Look For

To make the right when choosing a platform provider, you need to focus on a few key things. For starters, there’s game selection. Many online casinos offer thousands of slot games, not to mention dozens of table game varieties and live dealer lobbies. You might plan on catering to a specific market, but it’s best to keep your iGaming library as broad as possible. Make sure you’re offering a good selection of video slots, card games and other casino favourites. You’ll also need to deliver variety within specific categories. In other words, a handful of poker variants won’t do. As well as community card poker formats like Omaha and Texas hold ’em, make sure you’re offering wild card and lowball games like 7-card stud and 2-7 triple draw. 

It’s also important to choose a casino platform that can be regularly updated. You don’t want bugs affecting user experience and causing costly downtime. An adaptable platform also makes it easier to make your site competitive and keep up with changing trends in the market. Long gone are the ways when the average casino player gambled exclusively via a desktop. Today, mobile phones are the device of choice for users looking to gamble online. A casino platform should be accessible to everyone, no matter whether they’re using a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. You also need to think about authentication. Some prefer the assurance of two-factor authentication, while others prefer the convenience of using email accounts or social media credentials to access platforms

Safety should be a priority when choosing casino software. This keeps sensitive information safe from hackers and criminal third parties. You also need to offer a comprehensive range of payment methods. This includes everything from bank transfers to e-wallets. However, if you want to give yourself a real competitive edge, consider accepting cryptocurrencies. 

There’s no point investing in casino platform software if you can’t acquire and retain customers. Almost every online casino uses bonus perks to entice new players, with the most successful operators turning to loyalty programmes to keep existing players coming back for more. Look for a platform that offers a bonus module as a standard. You need to be able to create new promotions and manage existing ones. Custom bonuses will set your platform apart from other casino websites.

A successful operation also needs to be able to see what’s happening with game stats. The best online casino turnkey solutions let business owners track player activity and see what kind of wagers they’re making. In-depth financial reporting is another must-have. Using affiliate marketing as a way to attract new users to your casino? Affiliate marketing is fairly inexpensive. However, you’ll need software that gives you a clear idea of the return on your investment.

Online Casino Platforms: What’s the Scope for Customisation?

You want your casino software to stand out, so you’ll need software that lets you customise the look and feel of your platform. This can be as straightforward as tinkering with the design and personalising it with your branding. However, you may wish to make more significant changes to platform functionality. 

Worried about accessibility? Choose online gambling software platforms that let you adapt front-end functionality to make life easier for your players. What’s more, the best software should let you change back-end functionality, making it simple to undertake all those essential admin tasks. 

What About Licensing?

Once you’ve invested in software and your gambling website is ready to go, you’ll need to ensure you have licensing covered. It’s illegal to operate an online casino if you don’t hold a current gambling licence.

Generally speaking, licences need to be reacquired annually and many gambling markets are regulated internally. You’ll need a licence that meets the requirements of any territory you want to operate in. In many cases, your gambling software provider should also hold a relevant licence. For example, if you’re applying for a Maltese gambling licence, the Malta Gaming Authority will need to audit the software platform you’re using. 

Interested in Casino Platform Software

The best casino platform software makes it easy to stand out in a competitive market. With an established iGaming developer and supplier like EvenBet Gaming, you can count on a feature-rich platform that will put you one step ahead in the online gambling sector. Speak to us today about software solutions and casino development so you can get your business live and raking in profits in no time.

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