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The impact of the casino’s brand equity is invaluable. Besides trustworthiness, customers’ choice of the online casino is based on brand image and brand awareness. This has been proven by multiple studies, such as the one conducted by Jamk University of Applied Sciences, for instance. However, the gambling industry, despite implementing the latest technologies, is in no hurry to adopt the latest trends in brand design.

Arguments & Counterarguments for Tradition

The iGaming industry is no stranger to traditions and patterns deeply embedded in its DNA. Different projects use the same symbols and similar identity colours. Frankly speaking, the design of many of them is outdated. But, is there a problem?

Typical iGaming Design
Typical online gambling brands usually look like this.

There are three main arguments and counterarguments for using ultraconservative brand design.

1. Appeal to Industry Leaders

Argument: The most successful iGaming projects use the classic set of brand design elements, and it works perfectly for them. Why shouldn’t it work for other projects?

Counterargument: The world’s most successful iGaming projects benefit a lot from an outdated design, so it works for them indeed. However, the industry leaders already have great brand awareness, a long and rich history, and a strong reputation. They don’t need to amaze the audience with a creatively modern design. Do you have the same ace up your sleeve?

2. Familiarity

Argument: Cards, chips, roulette—these timeless symbols have stood the test of time. The most common colour solutions are based on golden for decoration and headlines and dark colours for the background. The audience knows these visual images and has gotten used to them. So, why should you reinvent the wheel?

Counterargument: Using such images directly is the easiest way. As a result, all gambling brand identities are alike. Up-to-date creative design can help you be noticed and attract the audience.

Land-based casinos inspire the developers of online gambling brands
Land-based casinos inspire the developers of online gambling brands.

3. Immersiveness

Argument: Online gambling is often supposed to provide a similar experience to land-based establishments, so iGaming projects should remind the user of a stereotypical casino.

Counterargument: Online casinos are no longer a pale imitation of offline establishments, as they were in the early days of their existence. They provide a different experience and aim for a different audience with different demands.

As a preliminary conclusion, the old brand design usually works, but we suggest you consider the situation from a different angle to make it work much better.

Situation in Similar Industries

iGaming is a part of the entertainment industry. However, entertainment stands out as one of the most flexible and progressive sectors. Take brands of Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Spotify, for example—they’re vibrant, creative, and audiences enjoy engaging with such visually appealing brands.

Now, let’s shift our focus to gaming brands. Game developers and publishers invest significant efforts to keep their visuals up-to-date.

Gaming Brand Logo and Its Importance Project
The example of modern gaming brand identity.

Also, take Twitch, for example. Their positioning is intricately connected to gaming, and their visuals serve as a brilliant case of brand design.

Twich brand identity.
New Twich brand identity.

Even games that maintain long-term popularity undergo visual rebranding to remain attractive to both new and existing audiences.

Brand Identity for Games

Despite being part of the entertainment realm, iGaming remains a conservative industry. Another example of such conservatism can be found in automobile manufacturing. Car brands have clung to skeuomorphism, imitating real metal in their logos, for decades. While this design concept was popular in the early 2000s, it became outdated by the early 2010s. Almost a decade later, car brands started to move away from skeuomorphism. 

Car brand logos evolution.
Even car brands tend to look up-to-date.

Even ultraconservative luxury brands strive to appear up-to-date. Rolls Royce, for instance, has undertaken a quite remarkable new brand design, preserving their legacy. Their image still exudes luxury style and remains easily recognisable.

Rolls Royce brand design.
Rolls Royce created modern brand design remaining in luxury style.

Examples in iGaming

iGaming brands appear to be even more conservative than some of the oldest luxury car brands. This trend is advantageous for companies within the industry as new trends emerge, some of which have long ceased to be trends in the broader world. These trends gain momentum in gaming, presenting a fresh and innovative contrast to the industry’s conservative backdrop. As competition intensifies, it becomes imperative for entities within the gaming sphere to distinguish themselves.

For example, minimalism is taking its first steps in the gaming realm—a design philosophy that has long been the norm and standard in other sectors. Ignoring influences from other environments, such as consumer brands like Apple, has become increasingly challenging. The designs from these brands, characterised by progressiveness and simplicity, set a high standard.

This dynamic shift signifies a need for the gaming industry to keep pace with global trends, even as it remains grounded in its traditions. The competition demands not just adherence to current norms but an ability to anticipate and embrace future trends. As the gaming landscape continues to evolve, staying ahead of the curve is the key to standing out in a crowd of competitors.

In the 21st century, it’s essential to balance age-old traditions with the demand for progressiveness. Embracing change can be a challenge. There’s still a lack of bold cases of brand design in the industry, and the existing cases of using modern trends usually seem to be just concepts rather than real projects.

A vivid example is the brand for Let’s Casino by Sons & Daughters ID. This work has been featured on various specialised platforms for designers and stands out as practically the only gambling case discussed by the professional design community. This fact may be evidence of the industry’s lag in brand design. We hope that this is just a harbinger, and there will be many more such cases in the future.

Let's Casino Brand Identity.
This case proves that a gambling brand can be up-to-date.

The fusion of IT and gaming may have accelerated the technological aspects, but the core essence of iGaming still caters to primal desires. The B2C segment influences the B2B segment; that’s why there are also few remarkable cases among suppliers and providers. We also used casual design “like everyone else” for a long time.

Ekaterina Giganova, Head of Marketing Communications at EvenBet Gaming:

Every year, iGaming NEXT (a standout event in my books) hosts a pivotal branding panel on the marketing stage. Each time, the consensus is hard to ignore. The iGaming industry lags behind its prominent competitors for the time and money of the audience: social media, streaming, and video games, not to mention tech brands.

We are jolly young as the industry, but so are video-on-demand and music streaming services. We underscore that a brand is more than a symbol but the embodiment of the entire company, encapsulating its values, products, and commitment to fulfilling consumer expectations. In the iGaming landscape, where similarities between casinos and betting websites abound, a brand emerges as the critical factor distinguishing one player’s experience from another.

Marketers and C-levels in our field experience enormous pressure of things we have to do urgently. We deal with complex regulations and restrictions, compliance, a constantly changing competitive landscape, a shortage of experienced talents. All this could partially justify the neglect of branding. Yet, we have to think about the long term. And there’s nothing that works better in the long-term than a vibrant, attractive, recognisable brand.

However, there are more good examples among providers and suppliers probably because they belong to the field of IT, one of the most flexible ones. We can notice quite good cases, for instance, Slotegrator, BetConstruct, and SoftSwiss.

Brands in the B2B segment of iGaming

Of course, we are also proud of the new brand identity of EvenBet Gaming developed in-house.

EvenBet Gaming: New iGaming Brand Identity

How to Create a Good Brand

Building brand identity in iGaming extends far beyond a mere logo. It encompasses the entire user experience, spanning all touchpoints. Take Amazon Prime Video, for instance. It has a custom typeface, animations, a unique tone of voice, etc.

Amazon Brand Identity
Amazon Prime Video Brand: custom typeface, animations, a unique tone of voice.

Achieving consistency while catering to diverse platforms and audiences is key. Maintaining a coherent and appealing face amidst the vibrant, ever-evolving landscape of iGaming is a constant challenge.

Balance Tradition and Innovation: Blend the timeless with the avant-garde to create a brand that speaks to both the old and the new.

Avoid Overused Approaches: Steer clear of clichés and strive for fresh, innovative strategies that set you apart. If you insist on using chips, money, gold, cards, or other classic symbols, creatively reinterpret them.

Understand Your Audience: Tailor your branding to resonate with your target audience, understanding their desires and values.

Stay Unique in a Competitive Environment: Despite industry borrowing, find ways to differentiate and maintain a unique brand identity.

Adapt Content to Platforms: Customise your content for different platforms, ensuring a lively presence while maintaining a consistent image.

Be Responsible: Embrace responsible gaming practices and make it a part of your brand’s identity in these times of heightened awareness.

Prioritise Branding: Never underestimate the power of branding in today’s fast-paced world.

By carefully weaving tradition with innovation, understanding your audience, and embracing the ever-changing landscape, your iGaming brand can thrive in a competitive world while staying true to its essence.


The benefits of branding for business is invaluable. The unique gambling brand can boost awareness and attract a lot of new players. 

Considering that iGaming operates in a digital sphere, it’s crucial to be prepared for specific technical constraints. Therefore, you should seek a reliable software supplier. EvenBet Gaming offers a customisable poker gaming platform and poker games. The operator can fully implement a brand identity of any complexity. If you are currently facing such a challenge, feel free to contact our managers to discuss your project.

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