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A poker network is a group of poker rooms that share the same software and players in order to create large-scale tournaments and attract new players.

It is quite common that some players to choose a specific poker room and play only in it. It may be caused by various factors: for instance, a stable composition of players, bonuses offered by the poker room for loyalty, etc. 

However, if a player wants to hone their skills and compete with players from different countries, the poker network may become a  great opportunity for such a challenge.

How do poker networks work?

The basis of the work of poker networks is its owner or, in other words, poker software provider (PSP). PSP connects skins or poker room operators to one global network. Those, in turn, advertise the network and entice new players into the game. All this allows the owners to create large-scale international tournaments and get profit from it.

Poker networks are especially appealing for brand-new rooms and recently revamped brands to draw in new clients and players.

Why joining a poker network is a proper move

There are several reasons why joining a poker network is a good solution for a skin:

  1. The network provides its skins with a ready-made tournament schedule and many other marketing tools for a successful start and further work;
  2. For poker rooms, especially brand-new ones, the poker network is a great opportunity to attract new players, because a big range of poker rooms are connected to one global network. 
  3. If a bunch of skins are connected to one network when they have a familiar and standardised look, players will be much more loyal when facing a newly opened poker room. This allows players to have all the same features and customized options, which gives each player the same advantages.
  4. At the same time each poker room has an opportunity to remain autonomous and independent and can provide unique features to their players such as distinctive giveaways and bonuses in addition to network-wide promotions.

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