Skin is a poker room operator whose website belongs to the owner of a poker network.

In order to understand the essence of this term, try to imagine the following picture: poker network N owns a certain number of poker rooms (for simplicity, let’s name them: Game room 1, Game room 2, Game room 3). All of them work on the same software and have different visual designs, but at the same time are connected to the same poker network. These poker rooms are called skins.

How poker networks work

The basis of the operation of a poker network is its owner or, in other words, a poker software provider (PSP). PSP connects skins or, in other words, poker room operators to the poker network. Those, in turn, advertise the network and attract new users to it. All this allows PSP to create large-scale international tournaments and get more profit.

Poker networks – skins – players. Are there any links between them?

Let’s take a look at each of them separately to understand if there are any connections between poker networks, skins, and players. Here you can see some links that we have found:

  1. Consider what benefits a poker network can get from skins. Their main function is that they help to attract new players to the poker network.
  2. What benefits do skins get from PSP? Perhaps, the most important is the provision of software, infrastructure, technical licences, and payment systems. It only remains for the poker room to work out the design and marketing compaigns.
  3. Players need poker networks in order to improve their skills by playing with other ones from different countries. In addition, due to the variety of skins in one network, players have more opportunities to wager bonuses and rakeback.

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