Segmentation of Users, Tables, and Tournaments: Why and How

Audiences of poker rooms are always varied. To provide a better user experience and to gain maximum profit you should interact differently with different groups. Therefore, quality poker platforms have special tools for the segmentation of users, tables and tournaments.

Use of Segmentation

It would be a bad idea to let all the players play with each other without any limitations. Skilled regular players will easily empty pockets of recreational players, who will be very upset and won’t enjoy the game. If they won’t enjoy the game they will leave. So, you should have a separate safe zone for newcomers and a challenging zone only for skilled players.

You can divide all the users according to different attributes such as date of registration, level, etc. Also, you can divide tables and tournaments into groups. Then you configure access to groups of tables and tournaments for particular groups of users.

This is only one case of segmentation usage. In your business, you also can face some marketing or legal or other issues and the tool can be helpful in many of them.

How to Use It

There are 3 ways to create user, table and tournament groups in EvenBet Gaming platform.

  1. Simple. You can add specific items to a group by selecting them manually. This method is hardly effective for the majority of situations and it is usually used for creating testing groups.
  2. Assertions Chain. Specify the criteria and the appropriate users will be added to the group automatically. The tool is quite flexible and fine-tuning. EvenBet’s platform provides the opportunity to create rather complex combinations of criteria and a huge list of attributes for segmentation (level, date of registration, relation to a certain skin or affiliate, etc). Also, you can create your own attributes for your specific purposes.
  3. CSV. Just upload the list of needed user IDs in CSV format and the group will be formed. For users, there can be either IDs assigned by the platform or external ones if EvenBet’s poker is integrated into a bigger iGaming project, for example.

Let’s check a sample list of what you can configure with the help of the segmentation tool:

  • access to certain tables and tournaments (visibility, the ability to write in the chat, the permission to play, etc);
  • permission to join a promo campaign;
  • access to particular payment systems;
  • level of rakeback;
  • notifications for certain users;
  • etc.

At EvenBet Gaming, we continuously improve this feature and scale for solving a wider range of issues. According to the feedback from our customers, the tool is very convenient. It helps to reduce the number of operations performed by hand and makes the administration of the poker room easier and more comfortable.

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