Game Constructor: Improve Your Uniqueness

For most players poker is fun. But any game — even a great one — can get boring. You can entertain players by increasing the diversity of your list of games. Design a game with your own unique rules with EvenBet’s Game Constructor.

To create your own game just follow these simple steps.

  1. Select one of the well-known card games supported by the EvenBet Gaming platform: Holdem, Omaha, Courchevel, Triton ShortDeck, Turkish Poker, Draw, Badugi, Badeucy, Badacey, Stud, Razz, Telesina, etc.
  2. Adjust special features that will refresh the user experience for your players. Use your imagination to the fullest! You can set up:
    • the minimum number of players;
    • the maximum number of community cards on the table;
    • the number of community cards dealt to the table before the flop, during the flop, etc.
    • the number of community and hole cards that can be used in combinations;
    • the maximum number of hole cards;
    • the number of hole cards dealt after the blinds;
    • the number of additional cards on hand that must be discarded;
    • the maximum number of hole cards that can be exchanged in one round of a draw game;
    • the number of card draws in a draw game that takes turns with the betting rounds;
    • the lowest card in the deck;
    • visibility of the hole cards to other players;
    • the order of combinations from the lowest to the highest;
    • the suit order;
    • etc.
  1. Test the new game. Return to item 2 until it is total fun.
  2. Choose a vivid name. Make a creative announcement. Promote your new game.
  3. Launch!

With EvenBet’s Game Constructor, you can create really exotic variations of popular games. Let’s look at some examples.

Crazy Omaha

A player can use all four cards in a hand and all five community cards.

Secret Courchevel

Two cards are dealt per hand and then added one at a time up to five. As in Courchevel, you can immediately see one community card.

Omaha 7 Shear

The game is based on Pineapple Holdem. A player gets 7 cards on pre-flop. On post-flop, they must discard all but two cards.

Nude Omaha 6

All cards are open! Can you beat such insanity?

Imagine, customise, create! Make your users fall in love with a new gaming experience and never stop getting more fun!

To get details on the Game Constructor contact our managers.

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