Anti-Banking: Follow the Poker Ethics and Get Your Rake

The Anti-Banking feature makes it more difficult for the player to leave the table right away after a big win. As the poker etiquette goes, this is bad manners. The player ought to play at least several hands before leaving, giving their opponents a chance to recoup. 

Following poker etiquette is not the only reason to follow these unwritten rules. Some players prefer to cash out right away after a big win and continue playing with a minimum stack. Poker players usually call it ‘ratholing’, ‘going south’ or ‘short stacking’. It lowers the average pot at the table and the room gets less of the rake.

Using the Anti-Banking feature you can encourage players to follow the poker etiquette. You can’t force a user to keep playing, but you can force them to play with the same stack for a while.

This system is based on the rejoin limits. The rejoin limits force a player to use the same chip stack that they had when they left the table for a certain period of time that can be specified in the Backoffice. You can apply Anti-Banking to certain tables or table groups.

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