Tournament is a type of poker format that has two distinctive features: 1. players make a fixed entry fee (except for freerolls); 2. host of a room eliminates players when they run out of chips. Typically, the winner of the tournament gets the whole prize pool. 

Distinctive features of tournament format in poker

It’s well known that tournaments differ from ring games or, in other words, the cash format of poker. Moreover, tournaments have a range of distinctive features. Here are the most crucial:

  • Before the start of the tournament (except for freerolls), all players must make an entry fee which is called a buy-in. It consists of the number of chips that form a prize pool and a rake.
  • Gradually, during the participation, stake levels increase steadily at regular intervals.
  • In all types of tournaments, except for Rebuy, a player who loses chips is eliminated from a tournament.
  • The winner of the tournament gets the whole prize pool. Other players may be awarded based on the time of their elimination.

Types of poker tournaments

There are the following types of tournaments:

  1. Freezeout. A most widely played format of tournaments in which the prize fund goes to only one person.
  2. Sit’n’Go (SNG). A format of tournament in which the game starts when a certain number of players enter a game.
  3. Multi-Table-Tournament (MTT). A type of poker tournament which: a) has a scheduled start; b) starts with multiple tables and finishes with one, where a winner is eventually crowned.
  4. Single-Table-Tournament (STT). A type of tournament where all of the competitors play at one table.  The quantity of players is up to 10.
  5. Rebuy. A format of tournament in which players have an opportunity to reload their stacks at specially allotted time intervals.
  6. Satellite. A type of tournament, the prize pool of which is an ability to play in larger and more prestigious buy-in events. 
  7. Freeroll. It’s an exclusive type of poker tournament, the distinctive feature of which is free participation in the competition.

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