Fast Fold poker

Fast Fold Tables are a special type of cash tables where you are immediately moved to a new table to start a hand after you folded. Players’ seats at the table randomly move on each hand. The player with the least count of posted big blinds among all other players at the table posts a big blind.

Advantages of Fast Fold poker

Fast Fold poker, also known as Zoom poker or Rush poker, allows players to instantly fold their hand and move to a new table with new opponents. It eliminates waiting time between hands, providing a fast-paced and action-packed gaming experience. Here you can see the main advantages of a Fast Fold poker variation:

  1. Increased Hand Volume. Fast Fold poker allows for a higher number of hands to be played per hour, maximising the action and potential for winning.
  2. Reduced Waiting Time. Players can quickly move to another table and start a new hand as soon as they fold, minimising downtime and keeping the gameplay flowing.
  3. Multitabling Opportunities. Users can play on multiple fast fold tables simultaneously, increasing their chances of success and efficiency.
  4. Strategic Thinking. The fast-paced nature of Fast Fold poker challenges players to make quick decisions and adapt their strategies, enhancing their overall poker skills.

Gameplay features of fast fold tables

  1. Fast fold tables enhance learning efficiency. Players can quickly gain valuable insights into strategy through continuous exposure to various gameplay scenarios. The absence of familiar opponents encourages a focus on overall skill improvement.
  2. Faster progression in stakes. Skilled players can achieve higher and more consistent hourly rates with fast fold tables, facilitating rapid bankroll growth and faster advancement through stakes.
  3. Enhanced focus. Concentrating on a single monitor and a limited number of tables creates a calmer and more conducive environment for optimal poker performance.
  4. Tougher competition. Fast fold tables attract professional grinders, resulting in more challenging opponents. However, overcoming this tougher competition can lead to significant skill development.
  5. Limited ability to make and apply reads. The constant rotation of players at fast fold tables limits the opportunity for specific reads and exploitative play. Players relying on exploiting weaker opponents may struggle to maintain a high win-rate.
  6. Reward for strategic play. Players with a well-developed and theoretically grounded strategy thrive in fast fold games, while those relying on exploitative tactics against specific opponents may face limitations.

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