Bounty tournament

A Bounty tournament is a type of poker tournament where players receive a cash reward for eliminating other players from a game.

In bounty tournaments (also known as knockout tournaments), players not only compete for a share of a prize pool but also have an opportunity to earn bounties by eliminating their opponents from the game. To get some profit from bounties, players should enhance their skills and play aggressively. This creates an intense dynamic where players are not only aiming for victory but also strategising on how to accumulate as many bounties as possible.

Why are bounty tournaments so popular?

To answer this question, it is important to keep in mind that bounty tournaments require a different approach compared to traditional tournaments. Players need to balance their desire to accumulate bounties with the goal of securing a top position in the main prize pool. Eliminating opponents can be both lucrative and risky, as it can make you a target for others seeking to claim your bounty. This dynamic often leads to exciting and unpredictable gameplay, as players make strategic decisions based on the potential rewards.

Variations of Bounty tournaments 

There are 3 main variations of bounty tournaments:

  • Knockout Bounty — the prize is given for eliminating any player from a tournament. In such a variation, each player makes a mandatory knockout fee upon registration, meaning that players pay for their own rewards by themselves.
  • Special Bounty — for eliminating specific players. In such a variation, there are no additional fees, and a poker room covers all the expenses.
  • PRO Bounty — for eliminating PRO players. As in the Special Bounty format, poker room covers all the expenses.

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