The pot is the amount of money accumulated over all completed rounds, which is formed by players by making bets.

How the pot is formed in a poker game

The initial pot is formed at the pre-flop stage. It consists of mandatory bets (ante, blinds, and bring-ins). At each subsequent round, the players take actions, thereby affecting the total weight of the pot.

Types of the pot in poker

There are two types of pot:

  1. Main. The main bank is formed at the very beginning of the game and includes the bets of all players. Anyone who participates in the distribution can claim it.
  2. Side. A side bank is formed during the game and only a small number of people partake in it. This is due to the fact that all players have stacks of different sizes.

Split – a process of dividing the pot

At the stage of the showdown, players sometimes face the obstacle that they have winning combinations of equal strength. In this case, the total amount of the bank is divided between the participants. In the gambling community, such a situation is called a split pot.

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