date 9 November 2023 update Upd: 14 March 2024 reading time 2 min views 204 views

EvenBet Gaming has introduced a new version of their poker software, featuring the Smart Fold feature, which automates folding actions in Texas Hold’em.

Speed Up The Game with Smart Fold Feature from EvenBet

Key points of this feature include:

  • Players can manually define the hole cards they wish to play with, while all other hands are automatically folded during the pre-flop phase.
  • Players can choose the hands using an automatic slider or manually select any combinations.
  • This functionality is available for both Fast Fold and regular cash tables.
  • Smart Fold can be customised separately for each position at the table, including SB, BB, UTG, and more.
  • This feature is particularly attractive to skilled players with well-developed gaming strategies who are inclined to multi-tabling.

Try it yourself

To get the details on the feature, contact our managers.