date 19 January 2024 update Upd: 14 March 2024 reading time 2 min views 170 views

We are thrilled to announce our latest feature, Internal Push. It offers iGaming operators complete control over notifications. Managed seamlessly from the platform’s back-office, operators can now tailor notifications to align with the unique style of their application or website.

Cross-Platform Consistency

In an era where players access poker games across various devices, Internal Push ensures a consistent user experience. Whether on web, mobile (iOS/Android), or desktop (Windows/Mac), operators can rely on Internal Push to deliver messages uniformly.

EvenBet Gaming Internal Push

Versatility in Communication

The feature contains pre-configured notification types, each designed to serve a specific purpose:

  • Monetary: Informing about financial updates.
  • Alerting: Urgent messages demanding immediate attention.
  • Informational: General updates and announcements.
  • Support: Streamlined notifications for customer support interactions.

Operators can reconfigure the types by incorporating custom design and text content.

Segmentation and Localisation Capabilities

For targeted communication, Internal Push supports segmentation, allowing operators to address specific player segments with precision. Localisation options further enable operators to cater to diverse audiences seamlessly.

Clickable Actions for Streamlined Interaction

Internal Push feature allows operators to configure internal application redirection or external link opening upon notification click.

For instance, operators can notify players about an upcoming tournament, with a single click directing them to the tournament lobby for swift registration.

Internal Push can become a strategic tool to strengthen the bond between operators and players. By providing timely, relevant, and personalised updates, operators can foster a deeper connection with their player community.

For more details, please contact our managers.