date 18 December 2023 update Upd: 19 December 2023 reading time 2 min views 250 views

We’ve released a new feature for the online poker software – Double Board. This innovative addition, akin to the popular Run It Twice feature, takes the poker gameplay to a new level, offering a unique twist without the mandatory all-in scenario.

How does it work? During the game, two sets of cards are dealt on the flop, with subsequent cards unveiled for each board in the following turns. The pot is then distributed ensuring equal parts for the winners of each board.

Double Board serves as a game-changer by mitigating risks for players, eliminating the possibility of losing their entire stack and extending their playing time. This feature not only enhances player engagement but also contributes to an increased Lifetime Value (LTV).

Double Board is available for a range of cash game types, including

  • Omaha,
  • 5 Card Omaha,
  • 6 Card Omaha,
  • Courchevel,
  • Hold’em,
  • Shortdeck,
  • Triton,
  • Pineapple.

The feature is accessible across all clients. Elevate your poker platform with this dynamic feature, offering players a fresh and captivating gaming experience.

Try it yourself

To get details about the feature contact our managers at [email protected].