date 7 March 2024 update Upd: 11 March 2024 reading time 1 min views 85 views

EvenBet Gaming expands presence in Latin America. In 2023, we signed an agreement with BetPlay, one of the top betting providers in Colombia, and launched our poker games on their platform.

Manuel Jiménez, Head of Sales in LatAm at EvenBet Gaming:

“It is gratifying to see the steady growth of the poker vertical in BetPlay’s operation since our solutions went live on their platform. Colombia now has an operator offering the country’s main iGaming poker network, allowing players of all levels to rely on a solid, responsible, and recognized brand backed by the Colombian regulator, Coljuegos.”

BetPlay has amassed an impressive user base of over 3 million players. In six years of operation, it has swiftly risen to prominence, now commanding a significant share of the country’s online betting market, contributing to a staggering 60% of its total.