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Poker Trainer (or Poker Simulator) is a specialised program designed to help novice players learn the basics of poker without investing real money in the game.

What Can a Poker Trainer Do for You?

Unlike slots and other casino games, where luck is one of the key factors, poker is a game in which the practical skills of the player are important.

Poker simulators are designed to help the beginner:

  • to understand the specifics of different types of poker (cash games, tournaments – linking);
  • to study the basic terminology of poker: its varieties and rules;
  • to try different game strategies;
  • to learn how to choose the chart of starting hands for participation in the game;
  • to study various tactics (bluffing, stealing blinds, check-raises);
  • to get acquainted with statistics tools and learn how to evaluate hand statistics, win rate, and other important indicators.

This is an incomplete list. It all depends on which poker simulator you use. The main feature of poker simulators is the opportunity to learn how to play poker for free, gradually preparing yourself for competitions with real players.

Poker coach software can be available on training sites or in downloadable apps. It helps novice poker players improve their skills before playing a poker game for real money. By joining online poker training websites, players can learn from experts with experience in cash games and multi-table tournaments.

Poker software training includes tips for practicing with free poker games. It provides a comprehensive approach while teaching gamblers how to employ the right poker strategy to boost their odds of winning. By the time players start participating in an online poker tournament or a cash game, the trainer equips them with the knowledge needed to play tactically.

Exploring the Key Features of Poker Trainers

Most poker trainers allow the user to

  • learn how to make hand combinations;
  • choose the number of seats at the table;
  • adjust the difficulty level of your opponents;
  • practice basic poker tricks;
  • give an understanding of what moment to enter the auction is the most optimal.

A reliable online poker trainer offers world-class features to ensure effective training and long-term success. It comprises a complete course with a simulator poker game that prepares gamblers to make the right decisions from the moment the cards are dealt to the final table. 

Using advanced poker training software makes it easy to learn how poker is played, including how to place a bet, choose tables, and form winning hand combinations. With effective poker coaching, new players can quickly learn the basic rules.

Choosing the Right Poker Trainer Type for Your Needs

The best poker training software includes features that meet your gaming needs. It offers advanced poker training materials, detailed instructional videos, quizzes, and the tools needed to track your progress as you play online.

Instant feedback from experienced coaches is another crucial factor to consider when choosing an advanced training site or application to practice poker. It is also easy to learn with hand histories and tips from the top poker pros. The goal is to master the most important skills and apply an effective poker strategy to beat opponents at poker tables.

The Best Poker Trainer from EvenBet Gaming

EvenBet Gaming created their own product that can help users hone their poker skills.

Poker Trainer is an application that constantly generates new cases, thereby forcing the player to think about how to act in a given game situation.

There are 4 main types of training in the application:

  1. The “Combination” mode helps the user explore all kinds of poker combinations.
  2. The “Combined Training” mode allows the player to practice the knowledge of starting hands in a quick test format.
  3. The “Hand Ranking” mode allows the player to compare combinations of two hands and decide which one is stronger.
  4. The “Runout Trainer” mode is designed for developing the ability to evaluate incoming cards and picking the top 5-12 stronger cards for the turn.

The application is free and available for download on iOS and Android.

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