Poker Calculator

A poker calculator is a poker application that uses mathematical methods to calculate the probability of winning on different betting rounds.

How does a poker calculator work?

A poker calculator is a player’s equity calculator. Equity is a part of the pot that is hypothetically “owned” by the player based on the probability of becoming the owner of the total capital.

How are the calculations done? The user enters data about their cards, the cards at the table, and the quantity of opponents and receives a probability estimation. Then, the calculator takes a given situation and calculates the options for its development a huge number of times. In this way, the application simulates an infinite distance, obtaining accurate calculations of the player’s equity.

All of these actions can help the player to increase the chances of their hands winning pre-flop, flop, turn and river. Ultimately, it will have a positive effect on a win rate and other statistically important indicators.

Poker calculator from EvenBet Gaming

The calculator from EvenBet Gaming allows a player to calculate the player’s win rate using probabilistic and statistical methods.

In addition, it provides the following functions:

  • Fast cards’ input and on-the-spot calculation at any phase of the game; 
  • Voice input (just say “king of spades and nine of hearts”);
  • Camera input in the app menu; 
  • Customisable number of opponents;
  • Easy poker type change. When you switch from playing Hold’em to Omaha (we have 4 types), you can do it effortlessly in the app;
  • Hands history for a player to have extended data for game analysis;
  • EV in percentage equivalent and equity calculation that is identical to the win probability;
  • The interface settings are similar to the EvenBet Gaming client: we have two-colour and four-colour suits.

The app is available for iOS and Android.

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