Affiliate (agent) is a person (individual or legal), who is engaged in attracting potential customers to a certain Internet resource.

Why do poker room operators need affiliates?

For operators, affiliates are one of the most efficient ways to attract players to poker rooms. It’s well-known that in some countries there are bans at the legislative level related to the advertising of the iGaming industry and poker in particular. Therefore, using habitual marketing strategies may be difficult.

Affiliates may be the primary way for solving this issue. They can take on the function of attracting new users and take a certain commission for each player.


An affiliate places a link to a poker room on their site, thereby attracting new customers and increasing the amount of traffic of their partner.

The most common models of cooperation between operators and affiliates are the following: 

  • Distribution of profit between the operator and the affiliate. From each bet or pot, the operator receives a rake or, in other words, a commission – the main source of income for poker rooms. Further, the affiliate gets a certain percentage of the rake, determined in the agreement with the poker room operator. For clarity, let’s give an example: a player makes a bet in the amount of $100, the room takes a rake of 5%, and transfers an agreed share of this amount to the affiliate.
  • CPA model. CPA or “Cost per action” is a model that allows affiliates to receive a fixed profit for each targeted action performed by a user on the website of the platform. Such actions may include player registration on the poker room platform, first deposit, etc.

As a common practice, affiliates are geographically defined. This means that they work with players in a certain geographical area and community. 

How common are affiliates in the gambling industry?

Due to legal restrictions and the inability to use the usual marketing strategies, the share of affiliate traffic for a particular iGaming website or project can reach 80%.

This figure is due to the high efficiency of affiliates, especially recognized ones in promoting poker rooms. This is explained by the fact that affiliates, when promoting a poker room, can use effective methods to drive traffic. These include SEO, SMM, personal contacts, etc. 

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