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In the competitive landscape of online poker, companies are continuously striving to establish an edge over their rivals. A crucial strategy that has gained prominence in recent years is the concept of affiliate marketing. This method enables online poker platforms to collaborate with various types of affiliates to drive traffic, generate revenue, and expand their brand’s reach.

The industry of affiliate marketing is rapidly growing. According to Influencer Marketing Hub’s article, affiliate marketing averaged 9% of marketing budget allocation in 2021. In 2023 the global affiliate marketing spending is expected to reach $14.3B. Affiliate marketing can be quite effective. For example, there is research that shows the increasing number of sales via TikTok affiliate marketing.

To succeed, you need good iGaming affiliate software and to find a reliable partner. In this article, we speak about the variety of affiliate partners and the pros and cons of each type.

Types According to Involvement

This is the most common typing of affiliates and it is related to a degree of involvement in the product.

Unattached Affiliate

The affiliate isn’t connected to the product. They have no expertise in your service and their niche isn’t related to yours. They are usually cheap but hardly effective.

Attached Affiliate

Affiliates of this type are usually keen on the industry and definitely know what they promote. Also, their niche is related to yours. Such specialised affiliates could be more expensive but they give you relevant traffic.

Involved Affiliate

These affiliates are very close to your product. They have experience of using it and probably they’re your current customers. Obviously, it’s the best type. Such affiliates are the most trusted but you have to find efficient ways to motivate them.

Now, let’s review the affiliate partners divided by the type of their content and the nature of participation in the iGaming business.

Popular Websites Owners

This type is also called ‘webmaster affiliates’. There are a lot of highly visited websites with content of various types and they benefit from ‘selling traffic’. They participate in affiliate programs in different industries and do their best to monetise every user’s visit. Often they try to join online casino affiliate programs or online poker affiliate programs.

Webmaster Affiliates


  • Much traffic. Usually, such websites have many daily visitors that can be directed to your platform.
  • Experience. They are totally targeted at the result and keen on directing traffic.


  • Junk traffic. Since the websites are not specialised you will probably have a great number of irrelevant visitors that won’t deposit any money. In this case, you’ll just get an extremely high bounce rate on your website. So, if you decide to deal with such an affiliate, consider this when you choose a commission type.

Nota bene. There are a lot of webmaster affiliates that specialise in certain niches. You’d better find one specialised in iGaming. That will decrease the amount of junk traffic.

Poker Content Creators

Poker content creators are individuals or organisations that produce poker-related content, such as blogs, podcasts, videos, or live streaming. They typically have dedicated followers of poker enthusiasts who consume their content regularly.

Poker Content Creators for Affiliate Program


  • Targeted audience. Content creators cater to poker enthusiasts, ensuring that the traffic they direct to online poker platforms is highly relevant.
  • Trust and credibility. As content creators have an established rapport with their audience, their endorsement of a poker platform carries weight.
  • Fan support. The fanbase usually understands that the affiliate program increases their favourite content creator’s income. People often purchase the advertised products just to support the creator.


  • Limited control. Online poker companies have limited control over content and messaging put forth by the content creators.
  • Potentially high commission. Successful content creators may demand a higher commission for their affiliate partnership. Moreover, many of them prefer not to deal with poker operators themselves and partner with special agencies. In this case, you have to negotiate with the agency that wants a piece of the pie too.

Poker Forums and Communities

Poker forums and communities provide a platform for poker players to discuss strategy, share experiences, and stay updated on industry news. They attract a large number of engaged users who are passionate about the game.

Poker Forums as Affiliate Partner


  • Active user base. Poker forums and communities have a high level of user engagement, ensuring a constant flow of potential players.
  • Reputation building. Positive reviews and endorsements by community members can significantly enhance the reputation of an online poker platform.


  • Tarnished image. Negative feedback and criticism from community members can damage a poker platform’s image and deter potential players.
  • Competition. Poker forums and communities often feature multiple online poker platforms, leading to increased competition for player attention.

Poker Review Websites

Poker review websites provide in-depth analysis, ratings, and comparisons of various online poker platforms. They serve as a valuable resource for players looking for the best poker platform to suit their needs.

Poker Review Websites as Affiliate Partners


  • Informed audience. Users visiting poker review websites are actively searching for online poker platforms, making them highly valuable prospects.
  • Enhanced credibility. A positive review from an authoritative website can boost a poker platform’s credibility.


  • Dependency on rankings. A platform’s success as an affiliate is highly dependent on its ranking in comparison to its competitors.
  • Risk of biassed reviews. Some review websites may favour certain platforms due to personal bias or financial incentives.

Cashback and Loyalty Programs

Cashback and loyalty programs reward players for their continuous engagement with an online poker platform. They typically offer incentives such as cashback, points or exclusive bonuses.

Cashback as Affiliate Program


  • Increased player retention. Cashback and loyalty programs encourage players to remain loyal to a platform, thereby increasing player retention.
  • Attractive incentives. These programs offer tangible benefits to players, making them more likely to choose a platform associated with such rewards.


  • Costly implementation. Setting up and maintaining a cashback or loyalty program can be expensive for online poker platforms.
  • Difficulty in differentiation. Many poker platforms offer similar rewards, making it challenging for a platform to stand out.


The world of online poker affiliates is diverse and complex, offering various opportunities for poker platforms to expand their reach and generate revenue. Each type of affiliate has its unique set of pros and cons that must be carefully considered before deciding on the best partnership strategy.

Affiliate marketing can give you access to a broader market and get users without great investments. At the same time you have less control on the creative part of promotion, and it can be harmful for your brand. Moreover, most poker operators have a well-founded fear of fraud. So you should know how to choose a reliable affiliate in iGaming and we have a detailed article on the theme. It also includes an expert comment by Denis Dzyubenko, Regional Director at SiGMA Group. 

Also, you need a reliable iGaming affiliate software. EvenBet’s platform supports a wide range of affiliate programs. For example, you can use a multi-level program with sub-affiliates. Contact our managers to get details.

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