How to Always Know That You Will Win in Poker: Poker Calculator

At EvenBet Gaming, we keep developing and improving our major online poker software tenaciously. Moreover, we have launched additional neat apps for the users’ best experience in poker. We also provide players with a complex of various solutions, among highly demanded are Poker Calculator, recently launched Poker Trainer and ICM Calculator that calculates equity of […]

3 Good Reasons to Consider While Choosing Poker Network or Classic Poker
Poker room

iGaming sphere keeps attracting more and more enthusiasts who want to achieve the desired aim of becoming successful poker room operators. A potential businessman faces a choice of launching a classic poker room, a poker club or joining a poker network. We’ve covered the pros and cons of getting a classic poker room or a […]

Poker Software: Definition and Basic Types Guide
Poker Software: Definition and Basic Types Guide

Every iGaming operator or the one who dreams of becoming one, asks oneself certain questions. What’s considered as online poker software? What’s the best soft for poker room online? When is a poker software license required? Can I buy poker software for sale? Get all the answers here and step on the way of leading […]

What To Get: Desktop, Web or Mobile Client for Your Future Poker Room?

Data Analysis Based on Our Experience and Recent Studies Global Traffic Distribution The iGaming market is constantly growing and the trends are changing yearly. According to the Mobile Dashboard by H2 Gambling Capital the mobile sector is showing increase in gross win with an approximate prediction of €22.8bn in 2020, as the data in June […]

Affiliate Program for Online Poker Operators

Poker affiliate programs can acquire an international reach & become one of the major promotion strategies. While sharing revenue, an operator shares responsibility to attract new users to their poker room as well. How does it work?

Introduction to Poker Rakeback

Professional poker operators employ rakeback to stimulate loyalty, players’ activity and make an attractive reward program for players while operators significantly benefit from it as well. How?

Rake Free Poker: How Is It Even Possible?

In summer 2018, we have made a lot of fuss in iGaming industry news with the new project started on EvenBet Poker platform – NoLimitCoin Poker. It is a crypto poker project that has one ground-breaking feature – it takes no rake.