iGaming Industry Research 2024
by EvenBet Gaming

This is a research that will help us outline industry trends and challenges. All the answers are anonymous. No private data is collected. Thank you for your answers!

    1. 1.What are the biggest challenges of your company this year? Please name three.

      Please choose three options

    2. 2.What is the main goal (focus) for your company in 2024? Please name a few.

    3. 3.Please name 3 innovations your company implemented within the last year

      Please choose three options

    4. 4.Please check the channels where you get info about the iGaming industry

    5. 5.Which social media do you use for professional and personal purposes?

      Question Professional Personal
      X (Twitter)
    6. 6.Your company is

    7. 7.The market focus of your company is

    8. 8.You work as/in

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