Get competitive poker clubs platform and set your own rules!

Host and run private poker clubs and community

Living a dream of own poker clubs platform? Become the owner of clubs and unions and rule all the business processes.

Why us

Own rules

Free choice of any business model, full processes management, attractive conditions for clubs.

Complete union support

Adjustable types of unions, union data reporting and comprehensive management.

Powerful Anti-Fraud and Anti-Bot

 Your business is secure from all kinds of online threats.

Over 30 poker games

Ultimate set of games including Hold’em, Omaha, Stud, Razz, Chinese and Open Face Chinese poker, Rapid, Mixed games and more.

Easy management

Optimum control over clubs and users.

Lifetime support and updates

Your business works properly at all times.

What you get

Fully customisable software

Brand the solution with your own logo and use a unique design.

10+ languages

Localised in English, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, etc.

Reporting and dashboards in backoffice

Powerful tools for analytics and business data collection.

Changeable rake and chips prices.

Freedom to set up financial tools.

Management in web panel

Forceful easy backoffice to manage users, games, and funds allows to experiment and choose the most suitable settings.

Chips transfer

Chips pass between players is easy. Simple chips give away between owner of club to players as well as between players.

The most modern features

Get time limited tables, rabbit hunting, insurance and all the popular and up-to-date opportunities

Manual users accounts balance

Manual management is available for running/administration of users finance  in the backoffice.

Casino and mini-games

Diversify your platform with roulette, spins, blackjack, live dealer games, etc!

What’s inside


Backend runs on powerful and scalable servers with certified RNG. It has fraud detection, IP and location restriction.

Client Applications

EvenBet Poker Club is a full-function online poker application. We offer iOS & Android apps. They are native, with modern portrait orientation. A customer can also customise the design of his app.


Full access to game settings, financial and user management.

Leading mobile poker apps for carrying on private poker clubs

Manage every business process of your own poker club and get full control of your best mobile poker app created with passion for the game by EvenBet. Customise and brand your poker club, get variable rake and chips costs, let your users pass on chips simply, manage account balance by hand, rule all the finances, and more. Set up own regulations for clubs and unions, and join in the poker world community, where the dreams of running a fortunate iGaming business become real.

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Download apps for iOS and Android. Learn more about the mobile solutions or try our applications from iTunes and Google Play stores.

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