Underdog is a player at the poker table who has the worst combination of cards at a certain stage of the play. Commonly, such a player is not statistically favored to win a pot.

Who is an underdog?

An underdog in poker is not the favorite in a given player-to-player hand situation at a particular moment. In the position of an underdog, the chances of winning tend to be zero, however, the probability of becoming a favorite still exists.

Is it true that there is no chance of winning?

In fact, the position of an underdog isn’t the end of the world for a player. When players are extremely vulnerable, they can find advantages even in desperate situations. For instance, when a player realises that they have a weak hand, they learn how to bluff efficiently.

Conversely, the favourite can have the strongest hand at the table, but for some reason lose vigilance and move into the position of an underdog.

What is a coin flip?

A coin flip is a situation when the players have a fairly equal chance of winning a hand. 

Most often, such a situation occurs when one of the players goes all-in, and the second one calls their bet. The most common situation in which a coin flip happens is two overcards against two pairs.


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