The turn in poker is a third betting street in poker when the fourth community card appears in the game.

Betting rounds: flop, pre-flop, river, and turn in poker

There are the following betting rounds in poker:

  • Pre-flop is the first stage of betting where players are dealt 2 cards each. Also, at this stage, 2 players make blind bets (blinds).
  • Flop is the second stage. At that moment three cards appear on the table and for the first time, the players have the chance to assess the strength of their hand.
  • Turn is the third step. At this point, the fourth card appears on the table.
  • River is the final stage on which the auction is completed: the players open the cards (relined to showdown) and the person who won the pot is determined.

Turn – the fourth street in the poker

After an entire round of betting on the flop ends, a single community card, which is called the “turn” is dealt.

Chronologically, the turn follows immediately after the flop. At this stage, players have the opportunity to evaluate the strength of their hand and calculate the possible risks as they have six cards. These include the starting hand (2 starting cards) and 4 community cards.

Player actions on the turn

Before you act, you need to evaluate:

  • The strength of your hand;
  • The strength of the opponents’ hands;
  • Effects of the river on your hand strength;
  • The position you take at the table;
  • The behavior of your opponents in the previous stages of the game.

After you evaluate these factors, you will be able to make an adequate decision about the strategy of playing the turn.

You can fold, call, bet, raise, check or go all-in. The adoption of this or that decision should depend on the answers to the questions that were written earlier and your inner intuition.

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