Spin & Go tournament

Spin and Go (SnG) is a popular type of tournaments in poker, the distinctive features of which are the absence of a scheduled start time, fixed number of participants and unawareness of the players about the prize amount until the tournament begins. The prize pool for each game is determined randomly prior to its commencement.

Customised Spin & Go tournaments 

We provide only classic Spin & Go. This is the standard format of Spin & Go tournaments where players buy-in for a fixed amount and the prize pool is randomly determined before the start of the tournament.

Also an operator can create a unique blind structure and adjust the buy-in size.

Main features for poker room operators 

Limited number of participants. Spin tournaments start after three players are registered for them.

Prize pool configuration. Poker players receive their rewards from the prize pool of spins, which is replenished by player buy-ins or manually by a host of a poker room. The rewards are limited to this amount, and operators can adjust the multipliers and chances of obtaining rewards in the back-office to not spend more than planned. 

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