Seven Card Stud

Seven-card stud is one of the varieties of poker, the distinctive feature of which is the game with seven cards in hand, of which four of them are open, and three are closed to other players. The winner is the player who has collected the best 5-card combination.

Seven card stud rules

  1. Deck of cards

The deck is standard, consisting of 52 cards (from deuce to ace). The lowest card is a deuce; the highest is an ace. However, there is one exception to keep in mind: in a low straight combination (A-2-3-4-5), the ace will be the lowest card.

  1. Types of tables

The number of players at the table can vary from 2 to 8. The number of players at the table can vary from 2 to 10. Depending on the quantity, the duration of the game can be different.

The most optimal number of players is 5-7. If the number of players exceeds this value, there is a risk that cards may run out by the end of the game.

  1. Game progress

The course of the game process proceeds as follows:

  • Initially, each of the players makes a mandatory bet – an ante.
  • Then the first three cards are dealt and the bidding begins.
  • Then all players receive one more card. The poker player with the best cards makes the first move – this rule is natural for all betting streets.
  • After that, one more card is dealt, and so on until the seventh street of trading.
  • The final stage is the showdown. This is where the winner is determined.
  1. Player actions during betting rounds
  • Bet – the first wager of a round.
  • Call – to equal the opponent’s bet.
  • Raise – to raise the bet.
  • Check – to skip a turn but retain the right to call or raise later in the same round. It is allowed only if there has not been a bet in the betting round before.
  • Fold – to discard cards and exit the game.
  1. Varieties of seven card stud
  • Stud Hi/Lo. This variation of Seven Card Stud is similar to Omaha Hi/Lo. The main idea is that the bank is divided into two parts. The player with the strongest hand gets the first one, and the poker player with the best low gets the second one.
  • Razz. Razz is the opposite of a 7-card stud. In it, players try to collect the worst combination. Flushes and straights don’t count, so the best possible hand in razz is A-2-3-4-5.

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