Jackpot is an additional prize fund in poker, which is formed by a percentage of all losses or grows proportionally over a certain period of time.

How is the amount of winnings in poker formed?

The jackpot amount can be

  • fixed, i.e. the amount of the prize is determined in advance;
  • progressive, i.e. a certain percentage of each new bet is added to the initial prize amount.

Jackpot types at EvenBet Gaming

EvenBetGaming poker provides settings for the following types of jackpot:

  • Monte Carlo Jackpot. It is awarded to a player who has the strongest hand, in case the winning combination matches the settings.
  • Bad Beat Jackpot. It is awarded when a player with a strong hand in the early rounds gets into a bad beat situation and unexpectedly loses the game. For example, such a situation can occur if Jack Quads were beaten by a Straight Flush. The unlucky player defeated by a bad beat will receive a jackpot if certain requirements are met.
  • Smart jackpot. It works similarly to the Bad Beat jackpot, but can only be played out during certain hours.

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