ICM Calculator

ICM Calculator is a specialized poker application that contains algorithms for calculating the user’s total income in a tournament. As a rule, it is used at the final stages of MTT  if there are several prizes.

What is the ICM poker calculator used for?

The abbreviation ICM stands for “the Independent Chip Model”. The main function of the calculator is quite simple: the user can estimate the chances of winning the tournament and adjust the poker game strategy in order to achieve victory.

How does the ICM calculator estimate the probability of winning?

ICM can be useful for the player, as he is able to calculate the probability of taking 1st, 2nd, etc. places and estimate the chances of receiving prizes. But how do these calculations take place?

ICM calculations take into account only objective characteristics. For instance, the calculator considers

  1. The size of the prize fund;
  2. The number of players remaining in the tournament;
  3. The number and size of paid seats;
  4. The stacks of the remaining players in the tournament (in chips).

Frequently, a calculator doesn’t take into account the following factors:

  1. Player Position;
  2. Blind sizes;
  3. Player skill level.

Assuming from the stack sizes the ICM calculates for each player the probability of taking 1st, 2nd, etc. places and multiplies those probabilities with the awards.

Poker ICM calculator by EvenBet Gaming

EvenBet Gaming’s ICM calculator works out how the remaining prize pool will be divided at the final table in a multi-table poker tournament.

ICM operates the payout list and the stack list in chips to calculate the amount of money to each stack as a percentage of the prize pool left. It’s an effective way for such accounting when up to 10 players are left at the final table.

Distinctive features of our calculator are accurate calculation and no need for authorization, which further speeds up the work with the numbers you need. You can use it without authorisation making it even faster to work out the numbers you need. In addition, the calculator is absolutely free.


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