date 26 June 2024 reading time 2 min views 105 views

EvenBet Gaming has enhanced its fraud detection technology, helping operators better combat AI-powered bots and comply with the strictest Anti-Money Laundering (AML) standards.

We closely monitor the development of machine learning technologies and recognise the increasing difficulty in detecting AI bots within the iGaming industry. This presents significant financial and reputational risks for operators and negatively impacts the user experience. To safeguard our clients’ interests, we have implemented several measures to counteract fraud using these technologies.

We have integrated numerous anti-fraud checks and behavioural analysis procedures. Our system monitors a range of factors, including hand strength, session duration, potential knowledge of opponents’ cards, jackpot hunting, and more. Each factor is compared to normal player behaviour to determine the likelihood of bot usage.

Additionally, we have enhanced the registration process with additional Know Your Customer (KYC) checks aimed at preventing identity theft and the use of synthetic identities. Specifically, we employ methods such as temporal email identification and assess the risk of new registrations for multi-accounting purposes.

These additional security measures and improvements to existing technologies allow us to analyse risks from the moment of registration and track behavioural factors throughout the player’s activity, enhancing the security of EvenBet Gaming’s clients’ businesses and improving the user experience they provide.

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