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EvenBet Gaming announces the latest integration with Sumsub, a leading provider of user verification and KYC (Know Your Customer) solutions. This integration marks a big step forward in enhancing the user experience and regulatory compliance for our clients in the iGaming industry.

Effortless KYC

With the integration of Sumsub’s state-of-the-art verification services, EvenBet Gaming clients can now streamline the KYC process, reducing the time and effort required for identity verification. This means that players can get into the game faster, without the hassle of lengthy document submissions and verification delays.

Simplified Document Flow

One of the benefits of this integration is the simplified document flow. Sumsub’s advanced technology allows for quick and secure document submission, verification, and storage. This means that both players and operators can enjoy a smoother and more efficient experience when it comes to handling important documents.

Enhanced Compliance

Staying compliant with the ever-evolving regulatory landscape is highly important for iGaming operators. With Sumsub’s KYC solutions seamlessly integrated into EvenBet’s platform, clients can rest assured that they are in full compliance with the latest regulations. This reduces compliance risks and ensures a secure and trustworthy gaming environment.

Customised Limits and Restrictions

Another advantage of the Sumsub integration is the ability to set limits and restrictions based on the verification status of players. Operators can now tailor the cashout amount to match each player’s level of verification.

In a competitive iGaming industry, where trust and security are paramount, the Sumsub integration reinforces our commitment to delivering the best solutions to our clients. This integration empowers operators to provide a more efficient, secure, and user-friendly experience while minimising compliance challenges.

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