date 2 February 2023 update Upd: 4 October 2023 reading time 2 min views 402 views

We are presenting a new innovative tool — Game Constructor. The tool allows the creation of a unique game based on an existing game developed by EvenBet Gaming.

An administrator of a room should choose one of the 25 card games of the EvenBet platform as a basic game. Then they change settings until it becomes an entirely new game. You can set up the number of community cards for any stage of the game, the number of hole cards, the visibility of cards, the combination and suit order and many other rules.

Using the powerful analytics provided by EvenBet, the administration of a poker room can conduct lots of experiments, test different variants, and correct settings to make the new game perfectly fit users’ demands.

Thus, the Game Constructor gives operators an opportunity to vary their gaming content without purchasing a special development. So the Game Constructor can become a highly effective and also economic tool for user acquisition and retention

Contact our managers to get the details on the feature.