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If you are already running an online poker room, you may be not getting all the revenue it could generate. In many cases, that’s due to poker software that could be outdated or uneffective. Time to check your supplier!

Poker was easy and undemanding years ago. Ever since the game itself and poker players’ needs have changed significantly. Here goes the trend – having classic games such as Hold’em and Omaha is no longer enough. New poker games and tourney formats emerge so quickly that it becomes rather complicated to keep up with them all, even for real poker lovers and pros.

What reason lies behind this course, considering the fact that very few of the new game kinds actually become beneficial? Why are the iGaming software developers and vendors trying hard to diversify poker for fresh users’ experience? We are about to give you a detailed explanation along with the top reasons why you as an operator regularly need to modify and update your platform. 

Running a successful business in the iGaming sphere means having everything set with maximum possible efficiency. If you are not sure whether it’s right to change your poker software provider, look at these 3 most important signals. They can fastly indicate that it’s this very moment you need to change something in your poker life. 

Reason 1. Your current poker room is hard to manage and maintain

Back-office is the steering wheel of your business. Most outmoded platforms require lots of actions to be done manually. All essential management is majorly performed manually as well. 

Modern iGaming platforms include the following automation features for better results:

  1. Automated reports.
  2. A fine variety of templates and an option to make up one for better efficiency of support and administration teams.
  3. Access to the administration panel and server is easily controlled.
  4. Management is fast, easy and intuitive.

For iGaming operators it’s important to put emphasis on a good administration panel and reliable server, as it can significantly simplify interactions with regulators. Well-coordinated back-office allows to reduce the load on business processes within the organization, therefore increase the profit in the long run. 

Reason 2. You have limited promo and marketing tools

The engine of any business in the niche is the player number increase and their LTV. Your platform must have many marketing and promotional options, otherwise, it can turn your poker room into a complete downfall. Make sure your platform provider offers you all the possible options for making your room more popular and loved by the users. 

For instance, the platform should let an operator create their own tools for marketing, such as bonus programs, rakeback, etc. These settings should be as flexible as possible for every operator to be able to modify them specifically for their audience. Also, you need to easily manage your agents and affiliates, no matter how complex your traffic acquiring model is.

Reason 3. You have an outdated set of games and tournaments

The conventional poker games are deemed to be Texas Hold’em and Omaha. The first one for 20+ years has brought approximately 85% of revenue to the operators, being the most popular poker game. Omaha is another classy type of our favorite game coming shortly after Hold’em in terms of revenue. 

The obvious question ensues: why do operators need a new set of games and tournaments then?

Let’s flick through the key reasons:

  1. The classic poker types audience is getting old, jaded and tired of the game. PokerStars have monitored the revenue coming from different age groups and concluded that a bit over a half of the rake-generating users are registered before 2010. Are they going to play for very long? Will young and new poker devotees be interested in Hold’em and Omaha?
  2. These poker types are perfect for skilled American and European players, who enjoy taking their time and playing from desktops hourly. Young users tend to find poker as a source of fun and a way to spend a bit of time every now and then playing via smartphones. Hard to imagine a young guy from Costa Rica playing a 4-hour tourney on his iPhone. This explains the growing demand for short poker game types and mobile iGaming solutions.
  3. The iGaming industry is now forced to compete with such entertainment monsters as Netflix, HBO, etc. for audience needs of amusement and pleasure. We have to keep pace with players’ time, not money, as that’s what the most valuable thing is nowadays.

Though, contrasting all the verticals of the industry, we can conclude how poker is in its revival phase that is forecasted to last for a rather long period of time. Poker is a social game and it implies working out skills. Once a user spends time learning all the subtleties of poker, they are unlikely to give up the game right away. 

All giant operators experiment with new formats, being aware of the fact that it’s the right time to attract new audiences. Smaller operators should take it into account as well. Having only Hold’em and Omaha is no longer enough. Players who are keen on classic poker types are already playing, there’s no need to attract them. If you want to enlarge your audience and win new markets, you need new catchgames. 

This is what a software development company should do, meaning us. 

Another crucial point to think of is having a set of games in your poker room, fitted for a certain target audience. The industry tendencies show that narrow focus of the poker room, niche games, specific customisation is a win-win combination for an operator, e.g., Rummy and Teen Patti in India.

Solution. Evenbet Gaming as a mature and cutting-edge online poker room supplier.

Being an online poker software developer and supplier for over 16 years, EvenBet Gaming provides its operators a mature product. We have no issues with all points above and created the world-top platform which is regularly updated and satisfies 7+ mln players’ and 130+ operators’ needs worldwide. 


If even one reason to change a software provider seems to match your poker room, then it’s a failure. This directly affects your profit and efficiency of your business. You have to understand that you are not earning as much as you could on poker.

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    Victoria Sopko

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    Victoria Sopko

    Head of PR at EvenBet Gaming