Poker Integration into Your iGaming Platform

Here you can find a general description of the integration process between an Operator (a platform owner) and a Poker Provider.

The timeline of the integration at EvenBet is 1-4 weeks.
It usually depends on the operation speed of the Operator’s Team.

PT Will Provide

  • API and integration documentation
  • Testing environment
  • Automatic integration tests
  • Ready-made implementation examples
  • Online consultations

Main Stages

  1. Formation of a team* (OT)
  2. Integration development (OT)
  3. Branding of the client software (PT)
  4. Integration testing (OT, PT)
  5. Production server setup (OT)
  6. Production launch (PT)

Training & Settings

  • Training sessions (OT, PT)
  • Planning a promo campaign for the launch (OT)
  • Formation of a tournament schedule (OT)
  • Making the settings** (OT)

— OT — Operator’s Team

— PT — Provider’s Team

*Operator's Team:
  • Project Manager — to solve the organisational issues
  • Developers — to build integration using instructions from OT
  • Acceptance Team — to provide inspection process on the Operator's side

**General settings for the room (offer of games, tables, etc.), promo settings (bonuses), tournaments settings.

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