Check these frequently asked questions on EvenBet Gaming products and services!

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  • Do you provide installation and deployment?
    Yes, we may both provide consultations and documentation and help our customers to deploy their gaming software. For renting and network, we handle all the necessary procedures for a project’s technical launch. At your request, we can make our servers available for use or you can use yours. We can take over the entire technical part, if needed, so you have nothing to be concerned about.
  • What about payment systems integration?
    We do provide it. By now, we have performed over 30 popular payment systems integration that proved to work just fine. On top of that, we may also integrate cryptocurrency payment systems of your choice or even your own one.
  • Can I integrate your software with my own website?
    Absolutely. Integration options are available for any website, and our software supports API integration with the websites. We have a well-structured Web API based on JSON specification. Payment integration is managed easily through seamless wallet API or transfer wallet. We will provide all necessary help to perform the users database integration.
  • How long will the integration process take if I don’t need custom options and will perform the installation on my side?
    If you don’t need any custom options and customisation in general, all we need to do is to come to an approved certain UI design. This undetermined process may have several iterations and take up to 1 month. As long as you approve the UI we’ll be ready to deliver a product. Otherwise, you may integrate our software with a standard design scheme (with a changed logo) in 2-3 days after the purchase, and then replace the UI with a new one.

Security and Server

  • Do I have to worry about my security?
    All sensitive information is located on the servers and is not exposed to any third party. All you have to do is to choose a reliable server location (if you are joining a network, we have already done that). All potential threats are eliminated at the server level; client connections are encrypted. If you are worried about DDOS possibility, you may optionally use proxy services to hide your real server’s information. In addition, we may add two-factor authorization to secure users’ login. No cards and combinations manipulations are possible since our software is based on random hardware data and certified Random Number Generator utilizing system provided secure crypto functions.
  • What types of Random Number Generator does your software use?
    For our gaming software, we use ISAAC, a fast cryptographic random number generator. Truly random data is used as an initialization vector. Random data initialization is done periodically, which excludes any result prediction. In addition, our server software supports external hardware RNG.
  • How can I be protected from fraud?
    For EvenBet Poker, we have created a rather sophisticated anti-fraud system that monitors the common fraud situations – negotiated games, multi-account use, chips dumping, etc., and protects from bots. In addition, the administrator of all our gaming software has all the possibilities to block certain users and to set different limits.

Customisation and Custom Development


  • Do you offer support options?
    Every EvenBet Gaming software package has a limited support period depending on the edition and the contract details. You may check general options in the detailed software descriptions. Above that, you may use post support service packages described here. We offer special SLA terms, server monitoring, updates or dedicated support manager – everything up to your needs and budget.

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