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Sports Betting and Poker Audiences: Same or Different?
Sports Betting and Poker Audiences: Same or Different?

While many operators benefit in the boosting iGaming market, providing the best comprehensive gambling experience for their audience, including both sports betting users and poker players, others do not seem to try business opportunities for bringing their platform to a new level. The European market, having a locus on transparency, regularly makes the figures public. […]

Who is Responsible for Gambling

A thin line passes between responsible gambling and problem gambling. While responsible gambling has its main focus on having fun, problem gambling involves users who want to gamble with bigger sums of money than they can afford to leave in a game. 

KYC – Do You Know Your Customer?

Financial lawbreakers aim at iGaming businesses for money laundering. Most commonly criminals would try to launder funds received from illegal activities. IGaming businesses have a clear responsibility to prevent money laundering on their platform, including using KYC tools.

AML – Obstacle or Necessity?

Do you have it all? Proven reliability, secure user authentication, financial transactions confirmation and all the other necessary settings are a key to gaming platform security. If a gaming platform doesn’t meet all safety and regulatory requirements, e.g. AML directives, it may turn into a disaster for an iGaming operator.

Secrets of Running Successful Poker Tournaments

Tournaments have always been a motivational tool for poker players. In the world of poker now and ever since the game invention, a tourney is a loyalty headway. It is sort of a party to bring together all the audience and get the most out of the game in a tight time. That’s one of […]