date 19 May 2016 update Upd: 1 June 2021 reading time 1 min views 413 views

All new and modern! Introducing brand new looks and functionality of our cross-platform poker application.

Now that we have stopped Flash client updates, we have concentrated our development power on HTML5 web and mobile solution. We are proud to introduce its early update.

Do you remind old HTML5 client design? Yes, that one that looked like it was still 2007. We have used nothing of it in a new version and have replaced it with the modern and simple looks of our native mobile poker app.

Then, we have also added functionality: handy custom games and tournaments filters, new user profile options, and more.

Most popular cash games are already available and pre-packed. We are also planning to add Chinese poker in a few weeks. Active development of this new version continues, and some minor imperfections will be polished as well.

Check the new HTML5 demo now and contact us to get more details.