date 13 May 2020 update Upd: 18 February 2022 reading time 1 min views 353 views

The EvenBet Gaming platform is becoming more and more engaging for players and is about to integrate Salsa Technology video bingos for higher level of entertainment.

The agreement between companies will open new opportunities for EvenBet partners via access to an extensive selection of bingos, comprising Halloween Groove Bingo, Pachinko 3D and the Latin American classic Jogo dos Bichos Praia.

EvenBet CEO Dmitry Starostenkov highlights the importance of a new deal for the company’s development: “We are incredibly excited to partner with Salsa Technology. The company’s expertise in emerging markets including Latin and South America, an impressive portfolio of greatly designed video bingo games and highly professional customer solutions make Salsa Technology a must-have content provider for such a platform as ours. We are looking forward to providing our customers with such engaging and successful games as Super Pachinko, Candy Bingo and others.”

Check out all the fun new line-up of video bingos can bring to your players along with ardor of playing online poker.