date 9 October 2013 update Upd: 18 February 2022 reading time 2 min views 219 views

In the nearest future EvenBet Poker will get three new software clients and an improved Windows client, which can boast a significantly improved productivity growth.

Very soon you can try and buy EvenBet Poker game software licenses for a Mac OS X client application and for new mobile clients for iOS and Android phones.

The main difference between the future mobile clients and the existing HTML5 client is that the new applications are being created using only native development tools. Plus they are developed in C++ language (also for the Android client). These technical details mean a number of certain advantages, to mention only few:

  • high security level;
  • maximum productivity;
  • almost full coverage of mobile phone players;
  • usable interface which is comfortable for mobile users.

Similar to other EvenBet Poker packages, the iOS and Android poker applications will include several game types, stand-alone tables, tournaments and etc. features. An option of full customization of features and design will be also available.

A pleasing piece of news is a 40% discount on poker platform pre-order or update of the current license. The discounted price is valid by November, 15 2013. If you order by December, 15 2013 your discount is 20%.