date 22 March 2023 update Upd: 21 March 2023 reading time 1 min views 281 views

A new e-book “10 Mistakes to Avoid before Launching an Online Poker Room” contains exclusive information for beginner online poker operators, allowing them to steer clear of common pitfalls at the project start.

In this downloadable pdf, we explore such repetitive challenges as miscommunication between an operator and a vendor, failure to create a competent team for the poker room management and support, or underestimating the marketing efforts needed to have enough liquidity. For each of the mistakes, we share a piece of advice on the ways to circumvent it.

The e-book is based on EvenBet Gaming’s more than 15 years of experience in launching online poker rooms, frequent questions and issues faced by our partners, and the current trends evoked by the online poker resurgence several years ago.

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