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EvenBet is pleased to announce our Global Partner Programs that will allow EvenBet to access new markets and improve our current positions in gambling industry. The Programs are open for individuals and companies from all over the world.

Currently we have five open EvenBet Poker Global Partner Programs. According to them, our Partners can:

  • get 10% commission from every signed poker contract for every client referred to us
  • resell EvenBet Poker software packages under own partner brand and price level
  • manage exclusive sales of EvenBet Poker in a specific region
  • launch own poker network based on EvenBet Poker social and bitcoin poker networks
  • get 10% commission from custom gambling and non-gambling software development contracts referred to us, including contracts regarding mobile, web, and business applications.

With a full complement of world-class resources, unlimited marketing and technical support, our Global Partner Programs make it easier to do business with us, as well as better identify customer opportunities and meet customer needs. All registered Partners are considered Members of the EvenBet Poker Global Partner Programs. Members may archive a distinction as Premier Partners and get more benefits for a higher membership level. Additionally, we honor all our Exclusive Regional Partners at our website. We strive to make every partnership mutually beneficial and we are always open to discuss individual terms and conditions.

EvenBet Poker is unique in its variety of packages. Our Partners can sell desktop, web, social, native and HTML5 mobile versions, as well as OS X version that is coming soon. EvenBet Poker is packed with a vast variety of different popular and modern poker and casino games. As a gambling platform developer, we can customize it to any specific customer needs and wishes.

Please, take a moment to read more about our global partner programs and your benefits here. Enroll in the EvenBet Global Partner Programs today!