date 9 September 2021 update Upd: 18 February 2022 reading time 1 min views 347 views

EvenBet Gaming has added the 35th game developed in-house to its portfolio. From now, Call Break strategic card game is available for all customers.

Call Break is a card game for three or four players in which a player, after having received his pocket cards, has to estimate the number of rounds to win with this hand. The result, therefore, is based on the accuracy of this estimation.

The new game is extremely popular in Asian countries, including India, Nepal, and Pakistan. EvenBet Gaming has already secured its positions in the region with several market-leading operators on board, using the company’s top-notch online poker platform. Now we offer our customers a chance to boost player acquisition and engagement with a high-demanded new game, taking the skill-based games vertical by the storm.

Call Break is available for all devices. Check the game in our online demo or contact us for more details.