date 20 July 2018 update Upd: 18 February 2022 reading time 1 min views 198 views

In July 2018, the first rake-free crypto-based poker room using EvenBet Poker platform was launched. NoLimitCoin Poker earn from developing their own crypto currency and evolving a community around it.

This is a project with the innovative business model that was simply impossible to realise until the crypto has become the mass phenomenon. NoLimitCoin are using their own currency and aim to get the profit from it and not from the players. At the same time, players will also earn not only from the games but from the NLcoin as well should it grow.

NoLimitCoin are using EvenBet Poker platform with omni-channel HTML5 client software. We have performed the integration of the new crypto currency into it and have created a system with enhanced personalisation options.

The very first tournament run by NoLimitCoin has attracted over 500 players.