date 15 April 2016 update Upd: 18 February 2022 reading time 1 min views 261 views

Get web EvenBet Casino or EvenBet Poker based on Flash technology with the source code and extras for a special price.

Due to development stop, we offer significant discount for Flash online gaming software with the source code and additional services. Buyers may choose either a classic web client or a social one. In addition, two design options are available for web poker client: classic and renewed CoolPoker looks.

The sale package includes:

  • Web Flash casino or poker room with optional social integration, or a social online casino.
  • Server and back office software.
  • Full Flash client source code and compilation instructions.
  • 10 hours of free source code consulting
  • Bug fixes
  • Free setup, including integration into one social network.

After the sale, we will stop Flash client development and concentrate on HTML5 and native solutions.

We’ll not update Flash client anymore though all our customers may receive server and back office updates from us.

Contact us now to get the source code for the best price.