Exclusive Interview for World Poker Deals: “It’s No Longer Possible to Offer Simply Holdem”

EvenBet Gaming CEO Dmitry Starostenkov spoke to the leading online poker information source on the current challenges and the future of the online poker industry.

In the exclusive interview published in three languages (English, Spanish, and Russian) Dmitry Starostenkov speaks on the evolution of online poker industry and poker software, company plans in the emerging markets like South America, the importance of non-stop product improvement, and the story behind our brand:

“Well, we were never afraid of experiments with our products and services, so in these years we’ve done a lot and have tried even more. The company once started as a custom development services provider, but later we have decided to concentrate on our own product development, and that has proved to be a good decision.”

Read the full interview on World Poker Deals website: English, Spanish, and Russian versions.

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